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Chess Strategies

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics.

Chess Rules

Chess is played on a square board that is divided into 64 squares (8-by-8) of alternating color (32 "white", 32 "black"), which is very similar to that used in draughts (checkers). Upon the board move 16 "white" and 16 "black" pieces. The actual colors of chess sets are usually white and black, cream and brown, red and black, or buff and green; but the pieces and squares are always referred to as "white" and "black".

Sets used for play are commonly made of wood or plastic, although ornamental sets exist made of stone, glass, or metal, which are often used to decorate homes. Ivory was fairly commonly used at one time. Likewise, the chessboards themselves can be made of wood, cardboard, leather, stone, glass, or any other material that the design can be placed on. Chess tables (either of wood or stone) are sometimes made with a chess board designed into the surface. Many travel boards fold into a box that the pieces fit into and some of them use magnets to hold the pieces in place.

A player who makes an illegal move with a piece must retract that move and make another one, if possible, with the same piece. If the mistake is only noticed later on, the game should be restarted from the position in which the error occurred. However, if blitz chess is being played (where both players have a limited time, e.g. five minutes) and the player who has made a mistake has pressed his/her clock, the other player may call the illegal move and win the game.

Check and checkmate When a player makes a move that threatens the opposing king with capture, the king is said to be in check. If a player's king is in check then the player must make a move that eliminates the threat of capture, which does not necessarily mean the king must be moved. The possible moves to remove the threat of capture are: Move the king to a square where it is not threatened. Capture the threatening piece. Place a piece between the king and the opponent's threatening piece. A player may never leave his king in check at the end of his move. (wikipedia)

More Chess Rules

Chess is a board game and mental-skill game for two players. It is played on a square board of eight rows, called ranks, and eight columns, called files, giving 64 squares of alternating colour, light and dark.

Each player begins the game with 16 pieces which can move in defined directions. Chess is a strategy game.


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